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Achaemenid Paintings are just 2100 years old


The volcanic sulphate data of the GISP2 ice-core from Greenland match the ring-width pattern of wood paintings from the Tatarli tumulus in Anatolia. Apparently, a series of large eruptions had affected global tree growth conditions. For the GISP2 timescale (year-count based on seasonal variations of the ice structure) an overall error below 2% has been claimed.

So far, Dendrochronology has dated the paintings near 450 B.C. – in some conflict with art history: “Here at Afyon/Dinar/Tatarli we seem to have a painting style that was popular in Athens a half or three quarters of a century earlier.” [Kuniholm, 1996]

Ref.: Chronologie und Naturwissenschaft – Wie weit trägt die Phantomzeit-These?, ZS 3/2007.
(Note: years B.P. = ‘before present’ refer to 1950 AD).