Global Alliance of Scientists Gathering in July to Propose and Discuss Possible Solutions for Fundamental Problems and Failed Predictions Known in Contemporary Physics and Cosmology

Minneapolis, Minnesota, May 31, 2012 – Addressing topics such as cold fusion, aether, electromagnetism, gravity, zero-point energy, relativity, quantum theory and mechanics, structural models of atoms, expansion tectonics, Twin Paradox, and the Big Bang Theory, the World Natural Philosophy Alliance (WorldNPA) announces its 19th annual conference on July 25-28, 2012 in Albuquerque, NM.

Promising to be one of the most important energy-related presentations in 2012, cold fusion expert and Los Alamos retiree, Dr. Edmund Storms will be giving a comprehensive summary of the current status of cold fusion research.

Even though the cold fusion effect has been reproduced hundreds of times since 1989, Dr. Storms wrote in the February 2011 Journal of Condensed Matter Nuclear Science, “The proposed model is still very incomplete and ignores many observations. Nevertheless, the logic suggests a new way to look at the problem that might be helpful in development of more complete models.”

With a schedule consisting of over one hundred sessions, WorldNPA presenters will be challenging commonly accepted theories that dominate modern physics and cosmology. Sadly, many mainstream interpretations of scientific data are based on irrational, unproven, untested, and even untestable ideas that directly contradict observations and predictions.

While WorldNPA members don’t claim to have all the answers, what they do offer are sound ideas that are based on objectivity, logic, and reason, rather than the distorted bias that results from financial and emotional allegiances to failed interpretations and predictions.

Contrary to a profile commonly imposed on scientific groups that work outside of funded science, WorldNPA members include Nobel Laureates and over 20% hold a Ph.D. in a related discipline.

Conference papers are scrutinized by stringent submission guidelines and compiled for publication. Complementing the WorldNPA is their World Science Database, which holds the largest collection of non-mainstream scientific papers ever assembled, and authored by over 2000 scientists from over 60 countries. In addition, their online video conferencing software allows members to hear, present, and participate in live weekly presentations.

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