This is the EU 2014 Conference (Albuquerque, 20th to 24th of March) schedule status as of 2014-02-09, subject to change without notice, periodically check for updates:

Thursday, March 20

12:00 PM Registration Desk Opens
6:00 Social Hour
7:00 Dr. Bill Mullen: Welcome and Introduction of MC David Novak
7:10 Wallace Thornhill: Pulling the Threads of Evidence Together
7:35 David Talbott: Symbols of an Alien Sky — Evidence That Matters
8:00 Ben Davidson: The Variable Sun and Its Effects on Earth
8:45 Questions for Thornhill, Talbott and Davidson
9:00 David Novak: Closing Remarks

Friday, March 21

8:00 AM David Novak: Welcome and Announcements
8:10 Daniel Jencka: All About Evidence
8:30 Mel Acheson: Is Evidence Evident?
8:40 Wallace Thornhill: Valid Forensic Tests of the Electric Universe
9:25 Dr. Michael Clarage: SAFIRE – Understanding the Electric Sun Models
9:45 Questions
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Steve Crothers: The Parallax Effect on Short Hair
11:00 Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: The Microwave Background: Signature of the Big Bang or Essential Signature of the Earth’s Oceans?
11:45 Questions
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Jonathan Wolfe: Fractals – Changing Paradigms in Science and Education
2:15 Ignacio Cisneros: A New Perspective on Star Formation
2:45 Montgomery Childs: SAFIRE UPDATE: An Experimental Investigation of the Electric Sun
3:15 Questions
3:30 Afternoon Break
3:45 Greg Volk: Electromagnetic Gravity from Curvature
4:15 Dr. Edward Dowdye Jr: Solar Gravitation and Solar Plasma Wave Propagation Interaction
4:45 Questions
5:00 Dinner Break
7:00 – 9:00 Special Event: Fractal Friday

Saturday, March 22

8:00 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:05 Mel Acheson: On Befriending Molecules
8:10 Dr. Michael Clarage: Our Electric Earth in an Electrified Heliosphere
8:50 Dr. Donald Scott: A New Model of Magnetic Structure in Space
9:30 Dr. Michael Brill: Ninety-East Ridge: Shoestring of the Gods?
10:00 Questions
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Steve Smith: Mars: The Great Desert in 3-D
11:10 Wal Thornhill: Reinterpreting the MAVEN Mission to Mars
11:50 Dr. AP David: On The Laws Of Nature
12:20 Questions
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Bob Johnson: Could Electricity Explain Some ‘Known Unknowns’ in Geology?
2:30 Michael Steinbacher: Notes Toward an Electric Catastrophist Model for Geology
3:00 Questions
3:15 Afternoon Break
3:30 TBA
4:00 Dr. Kongpop U-yen: Evidences of Space Weather Induced Natural Disasters
4:30 Bob Weber: Electric Sun and Earth’s Global Circuit
5:00 Questions
5:15 Dinner Break
7:30-9:00 Special Event Play: R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

Sunday, March 23

8:00 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:10 Dwardu Cardona: Earth’s Primordial Stellar Host
8:50 David Novak: On Myths and Their Interpretations
9:10 David Talbott: Reconstructing the Ancient Sky, Part 1
10:00 Questions
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Dr. Bill Mullen: Hieroglyphics and the Ancient Sky
11:10 Ev Cochrane: The Myth of Phaethon
11:50 Bob Johnson: How Do Tall Trees Survive? New Models for the Flow of Sap
12:20 Questions
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Greg Volk: Cold Fusion’s Secret Ingredient
2:00 Vernon Roth: Laboratory Fabrication of Elements
2:30 Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: The Sun on Trial: Gaseous Plasma or Liquid Metallic Hydrogen?
3:10 Afternoon Break
3:25 Questions (from previous set of speakers)
3:40 Mel Acheson: When Theories Bite Themselves
3:50 David Talbott: Reconstructing the Ancient Sky, Part 2
4:40 Mel Acheson: The Game of Names
4:45 Questions
5:00 Break and Refresh
6:30 Social Hour
7:30 BANQUET in the Yucatan Ballroom
8:45 Open Microphone: Conference attendees offer impressions, hopes and suggestions for future events
10:00 David Novak: Closing Remarks


We envision vigorous discussions of these EU challenges. The themes of the talk and panels will include the following with a question period after each:

  • Global Warming issue as a lesson to the culture of science
  • EU relationship to teachers and the educational system
  • Responding to popular, inquisitional criticism on the Internet
  • Organizational tools for supporting innovative science
8:00 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:10 David Talbott: The Way Forward
8:30 Speaker and Panel Discussion: Global Warming Issue and the Culture of Science
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Speaker and Panel Discussion: EU and Education
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Speaker and Panel Discussion: Inquisitional Criticism on the Internet
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Speaker and Panel Discussion: How to Support Innovative Science
5:00 David Talbott: Closing Remarks

Cofenrence Registration