Times Online, 2. Juni 2007

A British archaeologist claims to have found an Australian warship that disappeared in 1941 with all 645 of her crew.

Tim Akers says that HMAS Sydney lies two miles (3.2km) beneath the Indian Ocean, and that he pinpointed the ship’s location from the comfort of his home in Wetherby, Yorkshire.

Mr Akers found the ship, and other lost hulks like it, using a computer program that analyses aerial and satellite photographs, using infra-red, ultraviolet and X-ray. “Light passes through matter,” he said.

“So long as you have an optimum-quality photograph, you can use my program to analyse what lies beneath.”

He said that his program, Merlindown, could peer 75m into the earth and 16,000 metres beneath the seas.

Wenn dieses Verfahren wirklich funktioniert, könnte es die Auffindung archäologischer Strukturen wesentlich vereinfachen.