by Heribert Illig

[This is an English translation from April 1991 by Birgit Liesching of the first article on the medieval phantom time published in Vorzeit-Frühzeit-Gegenwart 1/1991, also available in German on this website.]

The quintessence of this article is as simple as it is far-reaching:

Between the time of Caesar and Modern Times, our chronology carries about 350 years too many.

This discovery results from a simple calculation and the vain attempts of earlier scholars to change their wrong result to a right one. The Gregorian Calendar continues the Julian; our calendar1, therefore, links Antiquity and Modern Times, it includes the Roman Imperial Era as well as the entire Middle Ages. If the new calendar has been erroneously grafted on to the old one, then all dates and synchronisms between the time of Caesar and the Early Renaissance will have to be reviewed.
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