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13. Juli 2009                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Stephen J. Crothers über “Schwarze Löcher”

Stephen J. Crothers, bekannt durch seine Kritik an dem Konstrukt “Schwarzes Loch”, hat einen interessanten Videoslidevortrag zum Thema gehalten mit dem Titel “The Schwarzschild Solution and its Implications for Gravitational Waves”. Der Beitrag (2,5 h Laufzeit) findet sich unter

Um das Slide-Video zu sehen, muss man nur auf “media file” klicken.

Warnung: Sprache Australisch :-D , mathematischer Inhalt.

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9. März 2009                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Stephen J. Crothers in München

Stephen J. Crothers, Lesern der bekannt durch seine kritischen Beiträge zum Thema “Schwarze Löcher“, trägt am 10. März auf der Konferenz der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft über “The Schwarzschild solution and its implications for gravitational waves” vor. Tagungsort ist die Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 München, Raum A214, Zeitpunkt: 17:45.

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9. Februar 2014                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Aktuelle Planung der EU 2014 Konferenz in Albuquerque

This is the EU 2014 Conference (Albuquerque, 20th to 24th of March) schedule status as of 2014-02-09, subject to change without notice, periodically check for updates:

Thursday, March 20

12:00 PM Registration Desk Opens
6:00 Social Hour
7:00 Dr. Bill Mullen: Welcome and Introduction of MC David Novak
7:10 Wallace Thornhill: Pulling the Threads of Evidence Together
7:35 David Talbott: Symbols of an Alien Sky — Evidence That Matters
8:00 Ben Davidson: The Variable Sun and Its Effects on Earth
8:45 Questions for Thornhill, Talbott and Davidson
9:00 David Novak: Closing Remarks

Friday, March 21

8:00 AM David Novak: Welcome and Announcements
8:10 Daniel Jencka: All About Evidence
8:30 Mel Acheson: Is Evidence Evident?
8:40 Wallace Thornhill: Valid Forensic Tests of the Electric Universe
9:25 Dr. Michael Clarage: SAFIRE – Understanding the Electric Sun Models
9:45 Questions
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Steve Crothers: The Parallax Effect on Short Hair
11:00 Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: The Microwave Background: Signature of the Big Bang or Essential Signature of the Earth’s Oceans?
11:45 Questions
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Jonathan Wolfe: Fractals – Changing Paradigms in Science and Education
2:15 Ignacio Cisneros: A New Perspective on Star Formation
2:45 Montgomery Childs: SAFIRE UPDATE: An Experimental Investigation of the Electric Sun
3:15 Questions
3:30 Afternoon Break
3:45 Greg Volk: Electromagnetic Gravity from Curvature
4:15 Dr. Edward Dowdye Jr: Solar Gravitation and Solar Plasma Wave Propagation Interaction
4:45 Questions
5:00 Dinner Break
7:00 – 9:00 Special Event: Fractal Friday

Saturday, March 22

8:00 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:05 Mel Acheson: On Befriending Molecules
8:10 Dr. Michael Clarage: Our Electric Earth in an Electrified Heliosphere
8:50 Dr. Donald Scott: A New Model of Magnetic Structure in Space
9:30 Dr. Michael Brill: Ninety-East Ridge: Shoestring of the Gods?
10:00 Questions
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Steve Smith: Mars: The Great Desert in 3-D
11:10 Wal Thornhill: Reinterpreting the MAVEN Mission to Mars
11:50 Dr. AP David: On The Laws Of Nature
12:20 Questions
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Bob Johnson: Could Electricity Explain Some ‘Known Unknowns’ in Geology?
2:30 Michael Steinbacher: Notes Toward an Electric Catastrophist Model for Geology
3:00 Questions
3:15 Afternoon Break
3:30 TBA
4:00 Dr. Kongpop U-yen: Evidences of Space Weather Induced Natural Disasters
4:30 Bob Weber: Electric Sun and Earth’s Global Circuit
5:00 Questions
5:15 Dinner Break
7:30-9:00 Special Event Play: R. Buckminster Fuller: THE HISTORY (and Mystery) OF THE UNIVERSE

Sunday, March 23

8:00 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:10 Dwardu Cardona: Earth’s Primordial Stellar Host
8:50 David Novak: On Myths and Their Interpretations
9:10 David Talbott: Reconstructing the Ancient Sky, Part 1
10:00 Questions
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 Dr. Bill Mullen: Hieroglyphics and the Ancient Sky
11:10 Ev Cochrane: The Myth of Phaethon
11:50 Bob Johnson: How Do Tall Trees Survive? New Models for the Flow of Sap
12:20 Questions
12:30 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Greg Volk: Cold Fusion’s Secret Ingredient
2:00 Vernon Roth: Laboratory Fabrication of Elements
2:30 Dr. Pierre-Marie Robitaille: The Sun on Trial: Gaseous Plasma or Liquid Metallic Hydrogen?
3:10 Afternoon Break
3:25 Questions (from previous set of speakers)
3:40 Mel Acheson: When Theories Bite Themselves
3:50 David Talbott: Reconstructing the Ancient Sky, Part 2
4:40 Mel Acheson: The Game of Names
4:45 Questions
5:00 Break and Refresh
6:30 Social Hour
7:30 BANQUET in the Yucatan Ballroom
8:45 Open Microphone: Conference attendees offer impressions, hopes and suggestions for future events
10:00 David Novak: Closing Remarks


We envision vigorous discussions of these EU challenges. The themes of the talk and panels will include the following with a question period after each:

  • Global Warming issue as a lesson to the culture of science
  • EU relationship to teachers and the educational system
  • Responding to popular, inquisitional criticism on the Internet
  • Organizational tools for supporting innovative science
8:00 AM David Novak: Announcements
8:10 David Talbott: The Way Forward
8:30 Speaker and Panel Discussion: Global Warming Issue and the Culture of Science
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Speaker and Panel Discussion: EU and Education
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Speaker and Panel Discussion: Inquisitional Criticism on the Internet
3:00 Afternoon Break
3:15 Speaker and Panel Discussion: How to Support Innovative Science
5:00 David Talbott: Closing Remarks

Cofenrence Registration

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16. Januar 2014                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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2nd Rational Physics Conference

Vom 5.-6. April 2014 findet in Salzburg die zweite “Rational Physics Conference” statt.
Die folgenden Vortragenden haben zugesagt:

  • Stephen J. Crothers
  • Bill Gaede
  • Hartwig Thim
  • Alexander Unzicker
  • Klaus D. Witzel

Nähere Informationen zum Ablauf der Konferenz und zur Anmeldung finden sich unter

This Not-For-Profit Conference has been organised independently of any academic or research institute or of any scientific society. There are no commercial, industrial or political interests involved. This is uncommon but ensures that no influence is exerted upon speakers or participants to force compliance with the authority of any that seek to foist dogmatic views upon Mankind in order to turn a profit, be it financial or social standing. Contemporary physics has lost contact with physical reality. Mysticism and fancy has resulted in quite irrational notions being proposed to account for the physical Universe. This conference is a return to rational physics in terms that are comprehensible to any educated person, not just a small group of specialists.

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19. November 2012                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Electric Universe 2013 – Conference Schedule

Preliminary schedule of the Electric Universe Conference 2013 in Albuquerque:

Thursday, January 3

9:00 AM Pre-conference events and select interviews throughout the day
12:00 PM Registration Desk Opens
5:00 EU2013 Scholars Welcome Dinner, Gallery Room, Private
6:30 Social Hour
7:30 – 9:30 Welcome by Master of Ceremonies Bill Mullen
– Greg Volk: Brief Notes on Conference Direction and Themes
– Wallace Thornhill: Science at a ‘Tipping Point’
– David Talbott: The Tipping Point: Crisis in the Theoretical Sciences
– KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Mae-Wan Ho: Life is Water Electric

Friday, January 4

8:00 AM Welcome and Announcements by MC
8:10 Michael Clarage TB-Talk: Our Universe—It’s Electric!
8:30 Wallace Thornhill: From Cosmic Currents to the Electric Sun
9:15 Paul Anderson: Electrical Discharge on Earth’s Surface
9:55 Morning Break
10:10 Monty Childs: SAFIRE: An Experimental Investigation of the Electric Sun
10:55 James Sorensen TB-Talk: Halton Arp in Perspective: Was the Big Bang a Fizzle?
11:15 Stephen Crothers: The Non-existence of the Black Hole and the Failure of General Relativity
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 Bob Johnson: The Nature of the Sun Revisited
2:15 Michael Steinbacher: A Large Plasma-Vortex Discharge to the Colorado Plateau
2:45 Scott Wall TB-Talk: Predictions of an Electric Universe
3:05 Mel Acheson #1: Mathematical Metaphors
3:15 Afternoon Break
3:30 Ralph Biggins TB-Talk: Measuring the Cosmos
3:50 Tom Wilson TB-Talk: Believing is Not Seeing: A Belief Crisis in Modern Cosmology, Astrophysics and Planetary Science
4:10 Ron Hatch: Relativity in the Light of GPS
4:55 Forrest Bishop TB-Talk: Beyond the Tipping Point
5:15 Dinner Break
7:00 – 9:00 David Talbott introduces the premiere presentation of his new video Electric Comet.
– Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott: Questions and Answers

Saturday, January 5

8:00 AM Announcements by MC
8:05 Rens Van der Sluijs: The Visible Polar Column of World Mythology
8:50 Bill Mullen: Visual Intuition and the Ancient Sky
9:30 Dwardu Cardona: Strangers in a Foreign Galaxy
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 David Talbott: Re-examining the Ancient Sky
11:15 Panel: Pattern Recognition: Windows to the Past
– Panelists: Dwardu Cardona, Rens Van der Sluijs, Bill Mullen and David Talbott
12:00 PM Lunch Break
1:30 David Talbott: Radiant Crowns and Cosmic Serpents
1:45 AP David TB-Talk: Troy Towns, Homer’s Iliad and Labyrinths
2:05 Rupert Sheldrake: Science Set Free
2:55 Alireza Moayed TB-Talk: The Electricity of Life
3:15 Afternoon Break
3:30 Gerald Pollack: New Insights into Electricity and Structured Water
4:30 Dean Radin: Men Who Stare at Photons
5:30 Mel Acheson #2: What’s the Matter with Matter?
5:35 Dinner Break
7:30-9:00 Private Scheduled Meetings

Sunday, January 6

8:00 AM Announcements by MC
8:10 Bill Nichols TB-Talk: Personal Strategic Experiences: Electric Universe–Are We Limiting Ourselves?
8:30 Frank Anariba TB-Talk: Cometary-electrochemistry: Can Electrochemical Processes Occur in Comets?
8:50 Craig Holdrege: Why Context Matters
9:35 Mel Acheson #3: Maps of Nature and the Nature of Maps
9:40 Chris Reeve TB-Talk: Concept Mapping: A Creative Approach to Science Education
10:00 Morning Break
10:15 Aloria Weaver and David Heskin TB-Talk: The Meeting of Art and Science
10:35 Cameron Mercer TB-Talk: Saving the World
11:00 Evan Camp TB-Talk: Exciting Students with Unsettled Science
11:20 Greg Volk: An Optimistic Assessment of “Fringe” Science
11:55 Mel Acheson #4: The Rime of the Ancient Water Bridge
12:00 PM Lunch Break

Symposium: The Future of Science

1:30 Jerry Pollack TB-Talk: The Ills of Science: Reflections on the Symptoms and the Prescription for Cure
1:50 Mae-Wan Ho TB-Talk: Liberating Science and Imagination
2:10 Afternoon Break
2:20 Panel: The Emerging Science of Life
– Panelists: Jerry Pollack, Rupert Sheldrake, Mae-Wan Ho, Dean Radin and Wallace Thornhill
– Moderator: James Ryder
3:35 Panel: The Electric Universe: Open Questions
– Panelists: Mel Acheson, Monty Childs, Jim Johnson, Forrest Bishop, Wallace Thornhill and David Talbott
– Moderator: Don Haney
5:00 Break and Refresh
6:30 Social Hour
7:30 BANQUET in the Yucatan Ballroom
8:45 Open Microphone: Conference attendees offer impressions, hopes and suggestions for future events.
10:00 David Talbott: Closing Remarks

Updates at:

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15. Oktober 2012                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Electric Universe 2013 Conference: The Tipping Point

Experience a three-day journey through the Electric Universe and discover the unified underpinnings of the natural world.

When: January 3-6 2013
Where: Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North, 5151 San Francisco Road NE, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109 USA

For the Electric Universe community, The Tipping Point means evidence converging from every scientific discipline. Unique predictions of an electrical paradigm fulfilled. Charged bodies in space powered by electric currents across interstellar and intergalactic distances. A model of electric star-formation bolstered by an explosion of new evidence for our electric Sun. Planets sculpted by electric arcs in an age of solar system violence. Comets discharging electrically as they plunge through the Sun’s electric field.

Now new dimensions of the Electric Universe are attracting visionary scientists, artists and students of the human story. An ancient sky animated by electrical dramas affecting every level of human culture. The electricity of life–layers of subtle energy that theorists simply overlooked in their rush to formulate mechanical models of life. Studies of human consciousness and connection that shattered the scientific paradigms of the 20th-century.

The Tipping Point is indeed at hand. In the scientific quest to understand our natural world, the 21st-century will look nothing like the last.

Join us at EU2013 for a three-day exploration of interdisciplinary science, an event designed to break the bounds of conventionality. Discover the universal role of the electric force, from microcosm to macrocosm, where virtually every new surprise points us in the same direction. And find your own connections within a movement that will shape the future of science.

Preliminary Speakers list:

Mel Acheson
Paul Anderson
Michael Armstrong
Forrest Bishop
Dwardu Cardona
Monty Childs
Ev Cochrane
Stephen Crothers
AP David
David Heskin
Mae-Wan Ho
Bob Johnson
Jim Johnson
Cameron Mercer
Alireza Moayed
William Mullen
Jerry Pollack
Chris Reeve
Don Scott
Rupert Sheldrake
Rens van der Sluijs
Steve Smith
Michael Steinbacher
Dave Talbott
Wal Thornhill
Greg Volk
Aloria Weaver

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[…] Conference Schedule eingestellt von ao  Diesen Artikel drucken Preliminary schedule of the Electric Universe Conference 2013 in […]

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10. Januar 2011                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Vortragshinweis: Bill Gaede über “Eine Religion – genannt Mathematische Physik”

Am Samstag den 05.02.2011 um 14:00 hält Bill (William) Gaede einen Vortrag zum Thema THE RELIGION OF MATHEMATICAL PHYSICS im Brunauerzentrum, Elisabethstraße 54a, Salzburg (Österreich). Vortragssprache ist Englisch.

Gaede geht es um den beklagenswerten Zustand der heutigen “Mathematischen Physik” und er demonstriert die Absurdität typischer Konzepte wie “Big-Bang” und “Schwarze Löcher” ohne größeren Einsatz eines Formelapparates. Auf wurde schon öfters auf die Arbeiten von Stephen J. Crothers hingewiesen, die in eine ähnliche Richtung zielen.

Eine Einführung bietet, alternativ ist Gaede’s Buch “Why God doesn’t Exist” als Download verfügbar. Eine multimediale Einführung findet sich auf Youtube.

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13. Dezember 2009                     Kategorie(n): Fundsachen

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Diskussion über “Schwarze Löcher”

Die aus den Beiträgen über das Elektrische Universum (ZS 2/2008 bis 1/2009) bekannte Diskussion über die Existenz “Schwarzer Löcher” nimmt an Heftigkeit und Schärfe zu. Stephen J: Crothers schrieb kürzlich in einer Email:

Dr. Jason J. Sharples is a mathematician at the University of New South Wales, Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. In a recent Letter to the Editor of the journal Progress in Physics, he ridiculed me and my arguments concerning black holes. Here is his Letter:

In der Email mit dem Hinweis fand sich auch gleich die Antwort, die hier ebenfalls zur Verfügung gestellt wird.

2 Kommentare zu “Diskussion über “Schwarze Löcher””
zam sagt:
19. Januar 2010 um 20:03

Da ich an die Existenz schwarzer Löcher schlichtweg nicht mehr glaube, seit ich weiß, dass ein Herr namens Schwarzschild sie erstmals als Konstrukt in die Welt gesetzt hat und wir dank Hawking vom Slip Stream fabulieren können, wäre ich sehr dankbar, wenn jemand die Argumente zusammengefasst mal in Deutsch hier wiedergeben könnte. Mein Englisch reicht für solche Texte nicht mehr.

admin sagt:
19. Januar 2010 um 22:01

Keine Zusammenfassung, aber erstmal ein paar weitere Erklärungen auf die Schnelle.

Crothers nimmt Schwarzschild in Schutz, dessen echte “Lösung” keinen Realitätsbezug hat und das auch so von Schwarzschild gesehen wurde.

Was heute gemeinhin als die Schwarzschild-Lösung bekannt ist, ist nach Crothers in Wahrheit eine fehlerhafte Hilbert-Lösung, eine Fehlinterpretation, der die physikalische Grundlage fehlt.

Mal sehen, ob ich das bei Gelegenheit mal geeignet in deutsch zusammenfassen kann.

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IN EIGENER SACHE: Auch die Fantom-Rubriken ‘Aussagen wissenschaftlicher Ratlosigkeit’, sowie ‘Indizien zur FZT’ und ‘Die schönsten Fälschungen’ bedürfen laufend neuer Beiträge. Bitte eigene Funde gleich an admin@fantomzeit (.de) senden